Water Heater Repair and Installation

JPR Plumbing installs all types of water heaters. With each water heater installation you will receive our complimentary label program and annual draining visit.

Our label program includes a hot water valve tag that directs you to turn the water off to the water heater when the tank is leaking; a gas valve; and an emergency label with all our contact information. It's our way of showing our continued commitment to providing you with the best service possible.

Our water heaters include:

  • Chimney-vented heaters

  • Electric water heaters

  • Power-vented water heaters (vented through the foundation of the home)

  • Indirect hot water heaters (tank coming off of boiler)

Types of water heaters:

  • Single-fixture to 130 gallons

  • Commercial hot water heaters

  • Storage Tanks (ASME)

We also provide additional water heater services:

  • Emergency drain and cap lines on all water heaters

  • PVC Venting with Centrotherm (Code Update/ Alternative Venting)

  • Flush water heaters in order to prolong life and efficiency

  • Install water recirculation lines and systems

  • Leak detection and automatic water shut off system

  • Pans (go under water heater)

  • Provide temporary hot water

*Are not currently servicing home depot water heaters or tankless water heaters

We only use the best brands when it comes to water heaters: